Live Production Switcher
Kahuna Maverik: Switcher for production of modular panel. It works for any type of study and mobile production. Allows great flexibility in design and reconfiguration of the panel in production.
Kahuna 9600: For production of sports, news, music, live events or multiple applications. It can be configured for any type of production. Available in SD, HD, 1080p, 4K e IP -Kahuna 6400 (Medium production switcher): It works from simple to large productions, Live. It offers complete freedom with technology Make M / E, to better use the controller and external resources. The connection of multiple panels for creating galleries and independent management, makes this team go to the next level. It works on any standard.
Kahuna 4800: Enables high quality productions with a user-friendly interface and integration in a production environment. Ideal for news, education, religious houses. It is an ideal solution for improving the operation and creative processes without spending on production switchers.

Highlight/ Replay
Live Touch: It has all the creative elements to create live reports, repeating highlights, slow camera, post-production editing media without movements.

Infrastructure – Signal routing
Sirius 800: Family multi-format expandable routers high performance, flexibility and reliability. SDI coverage, AES, TUESDAY, 4K e IP.
Sirius 600: Router independent format, with great flexibility and overall system redundancy. Ideal for mission-critical projects. It supports any combination of analogue, SD, HD and 3G, besides handling various signals Telco and LTC.
Vega: It provides an asymmetric routing of inputs and outputs with configurable ports 96 from 192 users. You have the possibility of having an input and 191 outputs (or viceversa) in any mix of video, Audio, coaxial o fibra.
Halo: Routing Switcher applications and digital cable TV. It supports a mix up 32 switchboards and UMD, as remote control ports.
Pyxis: For routing applications small and medium. Multiformato, Multiple control panels, control dual. You can mix and match any type of signal.
Luna: Flexible routing control panels, conversion and control Kahuna switcher. It offers flexible control, including routing control, control modular, conversion control, and control of certain functions Kahuna.


MV Flex: Multiviewer large playout and signal quality monitoring.

Signal processing and conversion
Kudos: Standards converters channels, with a user interface control. Ideal for high density distributions international programs and support channels.
Kudos Pro: Image processing platform. It offers a high quality format, format conversion.
Alchemist PH. C-HD: Provides formats and conversions fps cleaner and detailed
Alchemist PH. C-HD Live: Estándares1080p quality conversion by motion compensation.
Quasar Ph.C. HD conversion with motion estimation and compensation. Es un upconverter HDTV, helping with the production of images that the user expects.

Archangel Ph.C-HD: Restoration, frame by frame in real time. Advanced System SD and HD restoration ensuring that the material can be distributed in high quality.

Quasar XF: Format conversion software with seamless integration into the workflow
Alchemist XF: Format converter and frame rates. Designed specifically for file-based domains

IQ Modular: Modular solution for processing and interconnection infrastructure Broadcast. Handles any type of video and audio.
Hyperion: Control and monitoring solution, for evaluating the signal quality.

Media management and workflow management
Momentum: Full workflow management. I HAVE, Workflow automation, handling and media management. It provides flexible and intelligent automation and controls every stage of the chain means, from ingest, cataloging, QC, editing to transcoding and delivery platform.
Mission: I HAVE (media management) for rapid production. It is used along with Enterprise sQ.

Control & Monitoring
RollCall: Control of the complete signal chain and video monitoring coverage, audio and auxiliary information
SigMA: Software which uses SAM Media Biometrics Techcology and allows media systems automatically identify and verify media streams.
Workbench: Universal control and monitoring, for any available devices.


Creating Content – Production Editing
Enterprise sQ: Production systems and sports news.
Qtube Edit: Local intake application support enabled for the internet.
Qube: Solución de software para las actividades de edición y terminado dentro del ambiente de producción Enterprise sQ
Marco: Field editor with special features -Go!: Platform for review and selection of SAM. Enters the Enterprise sQ content where needed on different devices.

Quantel Rio: Edition, color and finished online HD, UHD, 4K and 8k – Rio Connect: Engine collaborative workflow that instantly helps solve the challenges of programming facility allowing up to eight information sharing systems Quantel River.
Rio Assist: Preparation software, Adjustable and pre visualization system for publishing files, inline finishing and color correction.

Playout and Entrega – Automation
Morpheus: Playout automation for multi channel and multi-screen environments. Channel-in-a-box – ICE: Channel – in – a – box, increases efficiency and reduces the complexity. Integra operational functions, techniques, regulatory and commercial environments required for playout Broadcast.
ICE LE: It supports the operational departments to achieve a complete Channel - in - a - box and reliable automation technology.
ICES SDC: Equipment aimed at seeking to implement full playout cloud / data. Ciab ICE provides the functions for virtualization environments playout, delivering a software-defined channel.
ICE SAN: Intake improved storage and playout. Used when the storage space is insufficient ICE.
ICE IP : IP provides playout functions prepared for the future to the playout.