Broadcast Services

  • Radio and TV Stations
  • Graphics Systems
  • Production, Edition and Post-Production
  • Mobile Production Units (OBVAN)
  • Mobile Units Satellite Link (SNG TRUCK)
  • Mobile Data Units
  • Earth Stations
  • Communications Center, Computation, Command and Control (C4)
  • RF Solutions
  • Radio and TV Transmitters
  • Microwave Links
  • Fly Away
  • Drive Away
  • Operating Projects
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring of contracts
  • our Leasing solution
  • Training Support Policies

Telecom Services

  • Datacenter
    • Placement
    • Virtualization
    • XaaS
    • Re-location
    • DRP/DBP
    • Cloud Services
    • Workflow
  • Networking
    • Voice Over on IP systems
    • Network Security
    • Video and Telepresence
    • Satellite links, microwave and radio
    • Fiber optic installation
  • Security
    • Access control
    • Video Monitoring
    • Monitoring Centers
    • Perimeter Security
    • Maritime and aerial system detection
    • Control and reaction centers
    • Tactical Equipment
  • Services
    • Services
    • Implementation
    • Support


Our engineering team is highly trained and qualified to provide technical and operational courses of the products we represent and implement services.

We also have online courses offered by our brands.

Among the different courses we offer at the factory and on-site include:

  • Technical and operational course for cameras
  • Associate degree operating u switchers (post-production or master control)
  • Technical and operational course for automation systems
  • Technical and operational course for videoservers system
  • Technical course u operating system edition (Nonlinear)

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Support Policies

We have different types of support policies or we design an specific one for your needs.

Our policies include:

  • Onsite support 24×7, by phone or remote connection
  • Fabric support by phone or remote connection
  • Preventive and corrective services
  • Software Up-grade and update
  • Remote monitoring

our Leasing solution

With “our Leasing solution” Comtelsat supports you in acquiring the equipment your business requires, with financial and taxing benefits, because we offer a leasing agreement solution and the cost of the rent is 100% tax deductible, in this way, your company does not use all the resources for this and does not undercapitalizes, falls into technological obsolescence and pay for it monthly.