Aruba Instant

It is the only Wi-Fi driverless solution that offers superior performance, and security, resilience and flexibility of business category.

It Provides Wi-Fi networks that offer the best connectivity and user experience and supports the most cost effective manner.

The local management interface free, exclusive access points Aruba Instant, eliminates dependency or investment involving management systems external network.

It has the function of using the integrated captive portal or an externally hosted and customizable for easy logon guests.

El rendimiento de la red alcanza una la velocidad hasta 10 times higher than other solutions.

Aruba operating system InstantOS

It incorporates Adaptive Radio Management technology (ARM), that optimizes Wi-Fi behavior and automatically ensures that Instant access points are kept free of radio frequency interference, so that a more reliable wireless network is obtained.

Technology includes ClientMatch that continuously collects performance metrics session of mobile devices

It has access points Aruba Instant 802.11ac Wave 2 offer multiuser MIMO (MU-MIMO) and improved ClientMatch.

The technology AppRF Aruba Instant, Central Mobile app for iOS is designed to monitor the network, receive notifications and provision an access point, switches or controllers branch by simply scanning a barcode. Help to:

  • intelligently monitor application usage and web traffic to protect and optimize network performance (To 1800 Applications).
  • Filter network to control what users see.
  • Create a database of malicious web sites to detect attacks before they can cause damage.
  • Instant locally manage your network, in the cloud or on-site

In addition, organizations can acquire the service platform for Central Aruba network management hosted in the cloud, o Aruba AirWave, if what they want is a management system in situ.



Management solution based on the cloud that includes Instant access points network, OS and switches Aruba Aruba Mobility Controllers.

Aruba Central allows centralized management of multiple networks Aruba Instant. Console that can be accessed from anywhere in order to configure the network, supervise and maintain.

Aruba AirWave network management system that manages access points and switches Aruba and wired and wireless infrastructure from a wide variety of external manufacturers.

The wireless infrastructure, wired and Aruba branch has been built for performance, and it is designed to be provisioned and managed from the cloud.

Aruba access points have security Instant, resilience and scalability of enterprise-class, plus management features based on the cloud. Its Adaptive Radio Management technology (ARM) and ClientMatch, ensure that your Wi-Fi network is automatically optimized for maximum reliability and higher performance

Controllers Aruba Mobility designed for branch, combine services wireless WAN defined by software, wired and hybrid. Support to 24 Ethernet ports, 64 access points, integrated stateful firewall, secure virtual private networks, content filtering and threat management, They provide complete peace of mind.